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Housing and Food Services Freshman Contract

1.  Please note:  If we have not already received and posted your Residence Hall Application and fee our system will NOT allow you to login to the contract. You may click here to access our online Residence Hall Application.   It takes one business day for your application to be processed by our system.

2.  Once step 1 above is completed and your application is processed, you can login to the Housing and Food Services Freshman Contract using your OU 4x4 login and password. If you don't have or know what your OU 4x4 login is please go to https://webapps.ou.edu/pass or call (405) 325-HELP.

3.   This contract is for freshman students who have been accepted to the University and have completed the necessary Residence Hall Application. See 1. Above.

­4.  For more information concerning the Residence Hall Application, the Housing and Food Services Freshman Contract or any other aspect of Housing and Food Services, please visit our website at http://www.ou.edu/housingandfood.html, email us at housinginfo@ou.edu  or call (405)325-2511 during normal business hours to speak to a knowledgeable customer service representative.