The University of Oklahoma

Standards of Conduct
The University of Oklahoma

Certification and Agreement of Compliance

I certify that I have received and have read a copy of the University of Oklahoma's Standards of Conduct and that I fully understand the requirements set forth in that document. I certify that I shall act in full accordance with all policies of the University including the University's Compliance and Quality Improvement Program, as amended and revised from time to time. Such policies reflect the University's commitment to adhere to all applicable statutes and regulations. I understand that I will be subject to disciplinary action, for violating such policies, the Standards of Conduct or the program or for failing to report violations as required by the program.

Please contact your campus human resource department if you have any problems submitting this page.
Norman Campus: Office of Human Resources - Training and Development - NEL 258 - (405) 325-3706
Tulsa Campus: Office of Human Resources - Room 1C114 - (918) 660-3192
HSC Campus: Office of Human Resources - Training and Development - SCB 133 - (405) 271-2443

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