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Did You Know...

How much a student drinks has a lot to do with how much his or her immediate social group drinks. (Wechsler, 2003)

Did You Know...

Holding one pinch of smokeless tobacco in your mouth for 30 minutes delivers as much nicotine as 3 to 4 cigarettes.


All campus-affiliated student organizations and all students who are currently enrolled at the University of Oklahoma or are pre-enrolled for subsequent semesters and have attended the institution for at least one semester in the current or past academic year are responsible for following federal, state and local laws, the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code, and the Student Alcohol Policy.

  1. All fraternities, sororities, and residence halls shall be dry. Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed inside fraternity houses, sorority houses and OU residence halls or on the grounds surrounding them. Fraternity officers and members will sign an agreement to abide by this policy, which will be strongly enforced. Enforcement for campus alcohol violations and punishments has been increased.
  2. To curtail alcohol abuse on and off campus, the University has adopted a mandatory, minimum “Three Strikes” policy. The first alcohol violation, whether off campus or on campus, automatically will result in appropriate parent/guardian notification and further alcohol education. A second violation will also automatically carry parent/guardian notification and an appropriate sanction. A third violation will result in automatic suspension from the University for a minimum of one semester. Parents/guardians will be informed of this policy at the time their son or daughter enrolls at OU.
  3. Events where alcohol is served, which are sponsored by campus-affiliated student organizations, shall be restricted to only Friday nights and Saturday nights.
  4. Transportation to and from off-campus parties sponsored by campus-affiliated student organizations shall include designated drivers or public transportation provided by the sponsoring group.
  5. Alcohol education programs have been expanded and all entering undergraduate students, age 22 and under, are required to complete these programs to remain in good standing. In addition, upon joining a fraternity or sorority, new members will participate in a University-approved alcohol education program before their new member program begins.
  6. An anonymous, confidential hotline has been established where violations of the anti-hazing and dry fraternity, sorority and residence hall policies may be reported.
  7. All fraternity and sorority recruitment events are alcohol-free. In addition, regulations have been established for IFC fraternities to regulate summer recruitment activities. These regulations include: mandatory registration of recruitment-related facilities, notification one calendar week prior to recruitment events, and open invitations to IFC and University representatives to attend any recruitment activities.
  8. Campus-affiliated student organizations are required to present a plan annually for organizationally-sponsored events prior to any activities where alcohol is served.
  9. Fraternity and Sorority Student Life has enhanced the University’s statement on prohibited hazing activities. Fraternity and sorority officers will sign a pledge to abide by this policy and report violations. It will also be provided to new members who will sign a statement promising to report violations. This statement on prohibited hazing activities will also be given to the new members’ parents/guardians, who will be urged to report any violations.
  10. The University has established a formal relationship with licensed alcohol counselors for immediate student referrals.
  11. The University has established the SafeRide program that is contracted with local public transportation companies to provide safe rides to discourage drinking and driving.
  12. Because of the critical student health and safety issues, any conflicting policy or process will be waived.
Revised by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents September 19, 2011

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